Time to order Term 2 Lunch options (Pizza, Pita Pit Wraps and Popcorn)

Ordering for Term 2 pizza & pita pit lunch days is now open on Council’s online ordering system. Popcorn can also be ordered for the term. The order deadline is December 8th. Term 2 begins December 14th, 2016, and runs until March 23rd, 2017. A reminder letter will be sent home with students this week. Learn more about the lunch program on our Fundraising page.

Pizza-pizza PitaPit


Please participate in OSTA’s Active Transportation public consultation

The Ottawa Student Transportation Authority (OSTA) is holding a public consultation on its proposed School Active Transportation Policy. This policy is scheduled to be presented at OSTA’s next public governance meeting on April 25, 2016. An online survey is being used to collect public views on the role of OSTA in supporting active transportation. The survey takes no more than 5 minutes to complete and provides OSTA with some important demographic data on our school community. Further details are available in this memo from the OSTA.

Please help us at the end of the school day

If you are a parent/caregiver picking up children at the end of the school day, we ask that you ensure that you are not blocking the front walkway and school entrance where it is critical to keep this area open for traffic flow in and out of the school. It is a busy time of day. Your children should be closely monitored and should refrain from running around the walkway and sidewalks which could potentially result in injury or risk a child stepping off the curb into the parking lot. Parents are asked to collect their child/children and make best efforts to move off school property or to the backyard as quickly as possible. Please share this with other parents! We thank you for contributing to a safe environment for our students!

Ottawa Public Health is reviewing student immunization records

Ottawa Public Health (OPH) is reviewing the immunization records of 150,000 students
attending elementary and secondary schools in Ottawa to make sure the information is up to date. Updates on immunizations are crucial information to protect the health of students during an infectious disease outbreak, such as measles. Under the Immunization of School Pupils Act (ISPA), students attending school in Ontario are required to be vaccinated against nine diseases or have a valid exemption.

In the months ahead, OPH will be sending letters to parents if their child’s records are not up to date. A suspension from school may be issued if a student’s record remains incomplete. Written notices from Ottawa Public Health for students are now being mailed to parents.

To avoid school suspensions, parents who receive a letter requesting immunization information can contact OPH by phone at 613-580-6744 or submit immunization information online, by fax, by mail or by the ImmunizeCA app.

Parents can visit parentinginottawa.ca/immunization for more details about how to submit their child’s immunization information to Ottawa Public Health. Suspension letters for OCDSB students will be sent home starting in January 2016.