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Over the years many of us in the community have made use of the Maki House playgroup program. The program has been a great way for kids and adults alike to make friends and really become part of the community. Currently the toys and supplies for this program have depleted or have been well loved by the children who have used this program in the past and present. The playgroup organizers are looking to help replenish and replace the toys and are looking to the community for help.

They are in need of the following toys:

  • Kitchen food (plastic or wood only) and supplies
  • Medium sized cars
  • Dress up clothes (hats MUST be plastic only *avoid lice*, other items can be cloth and one member will take it home to wash in the washing machine periodically)
  • Stacking toys (boxes)
  • Farm animals / equipment and house
  • Figurines for doll house and castle
  • Construction toys
  • Mr. Potato Head and accessories
  • Upgraded play structure for the inside of Maki
  • Upgraded play house for inside
  • New soft mats for the floor

If are interested in donating toys or money to this cause please contact me Kamuran Sadar at or Julie Nadeau at

It’s important to note that they don’t have a large storage space so they really are restricted to adding what’s on the list only. If you want to over donate, that is great, but we may have to take whatever toys aren’t used by the playgroup and donate them to the Salvation Army or another worthy cause.

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