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Note: This consultation is different than the Western Area Review. These proposed changes will affect all schools for the board.

The Elementary School Program Framework (ESPF) provides a model for elementary schools and programming in the district. It provides a roadmap of how optimum program planning can be achieved at individual schools and throughout the District.
Along with the Secondary School Program Framework, these documents describe our vision for school configuration models and program offerings from K-12 that support student achievement and well-being. These two frameworks will inform decision making in accommodation planning in terms of how best to use District facilities and resources to offer exemplary programming in a fiscally responsible manner. The Framework recognizes the importance of minimizing transitions for students and that program viability and sustainability are important factors in ensuring that elementary students have access to quality programs.

The goals of the framework are to:

  • ensure the provision of optimal learning environments through a range of program offerings;
  • provide programs as close as possible to a student’s home community; and
  • ensure equitable access to programs for students throughout the school district.

Consultation Plan

You can find more information on the consultation on theĀ Elementary School Program Framework (ESPF) page of the OCDSB website.

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