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This past Thurs. January 29, Lakeview parents were invited to a presentation at the school by our own Mme. Chantal (Grade 2/3 teacher) on how to bridge student learning between home and school. Mme. Chantal provided a variety of practical and simple ideas of how parents can continue to reinforce their child’s learning in both mathematics and reading (English and French) at home. Using games and simple strategies she demonstrated how easy it is to have fun with your child while still practicing the skills and concepts he/she is learning at school outside of conventional “homework” assignments.

Mme. Chantal demonstrated how simple games like: Battleship, B.I.N.G.O., Checkers, Chess and Snakes & Ladders are fun ways to help your child understand the concepts of maps, coordinates and reading a grid. These games also help your child practice their numbers and can be done in both French and English. In her classroom, she engages students in learning about geometric shapes, symmetry, logical reasoning, counting money and telling time by using tactile/hands-on tools and activities.

Mme. Chantal also stressed the importance of parents using ‘open-ended questions’ to actively engage a child in his/her learning and to understand how he/she is thinking and working through a particular concept. For example: “How did you know the answer?”, “Did you like this game/book….why?”, “What else does this remind you of?” etc.

You will find here a document on various Comprehension Strategies and Decoding Strategies that you can consider when reading or playing with your child.
We hope that you will continue to participate the Lakeview Speaker Series presentations.
Stay tuned to both the School and Council’s website for information on upcoming ones!

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