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On Nov. 13, Council & school administration took part in a ‘walkabout’ around our school area with key people from the City of Ottawa, OCDSB, Board Trustee, the Ottawa Student Transportation Authority, Councillor Taylor’s office, and our partner, Green Communities.  The walkabout targeted the hot spots/issues that may create unsafe conditions around the school for students who walk/bike/are driven or bus to school.  We were very happy to see strong engagement and interest in addressing many of these issues that parents helped identify when completing the STP survey in September.  Some actions have already occurred, e.g., our new crossing guard, and, new neon ‘school zone’ crossing signs on Corkstown in both directions.  We will post the STP ‘action plan’ developed for Lakeview on our website in the coming weeks.  Please take a look and provide any feedback. 

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