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Help us make travelling to Lakeview safe and active: Complete the School Travel Planning survey. Every family’s input is needed!

Introduction-for-Parents-3Walking is good for everyone! We are excited to announce that Lakeview School, in partnership with Green Communities, has begun an in-depth Active and Safe Routes to School program called School Travel Planning that will help make it possible for more children to walk or cycle to school. School Travel Planning has had much success in increasing children’s physical and mental fitness and reducing traffic congestion and emissions at schools across the nation.

Please take 8 to 10 minutes with your eldest child who attends this school to complete the survey found via the web links below.

This program asks that we share our concerns about why children are not walking or cycling so that we can determine the barriers preventing children from walking and cycling to Lakeview School. Our concerns will then be shared with people like city planners, school planners and police so that we can benefit from their support and advice if we need big-picture changes to our streets or enforcement.

Every single family’s input is important to the success of this project. When we know what school travel choices you’re making and why you’re making them, we can create a travel plan that considers the needs of all our students.

Learn more about the School Travel Planning project

Survey Links

  • English Survey
  • French Survey
  • Arabic Survey – Paper version available upon request – Please contact Lakeview School office at 613-828-8077

If you have any questions about the survey or the School Travel Planning project, please contact Jessica Sheridan at or contact the School at 613-828-8077


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