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FundScrip: Buy Gift Cards to Support Our Group. Start Now!Please consider supporting our Lakeview School Council to raise funds for our students, teachers, and school by purchasing gift cards through FundScrip. (Link and Instructions below)

Don’t think of this as just a GIFT card, these cards can be used to buy pretty much anything! …your groceries, fill your car, a night out, a new wardrobe… (because we all know our kids grow way too fast!).

Whenever you buy a gift card you still get the full amount that you purchase, but a percentage goes to our fundraising campaign. It’s like giving away free money on things you would be purchasing anyway!

We would love it if you also shared this with your friends and family. The more we raise the more we can do!

How do you buy?

  1. Go to:
    Our group code is W7AB4G
  2. Select the Gift/Pre Paid Card and amount you would like.
    (For some cards you can get Electronic cards)
  3. Checkout!

Which cards are available?

Here is a small sample of the many retailers and the percentage we would receive:

  • Amazon – 2%
  • Bayshore – 3.5%
  • Loblaws – 3%
  • Sobeys – 2%
  • Esso – 2%
  • Petro-Canada – 2%
  • Canadian Tire – 4%
  • Winners – 6%
  • Walmart – 3%
  • Over 170 retailers are available!

How can you pay?

  • Electronic Funds Transfer – No Fee – Ships within 5 business days
  • Online Bill Payment – No Fee – Can delay shipping
  • Credit Card – 1.99% would come off the contribution to the school :( – Ships within 5 business days


Please contact us at

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