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The 2019-2020 Council Executive

Thank you to everyone who came to the first School Council meeting on Tuesday. We had a great turnout with many new faces.

We voted in a new Council Executive:

Co-chairs: Aron Chaney and Michael Edmonds
Treasurer: Laura McKenzie
Secretary: Caitlin Cooke

Thank you to the new and returning executive team members for your commitment to Lakeview!

Council meeting/Mayfair planning: Tues. March 5th

Our next Council meeting will focus on planning Mayfair! Mayfair is scheduled for Saturday, May 11th, and is a wonderful event that brings Lakeview families and the community together for a day of fun and entertainment. It is also our biggest fundraiser of the year.

If you would like to help plan Mayfair, or have suggestions for making it a successful event, please join us! We will meet in the Lakeview library on March 5th, at 6:45 pm.

Next Council meeting is Tuesday, January 8th

The next School Council meeting is Tuesday, January 8th, at 6:45 pm in the school library. All Lakeview parents/guardians are welcome!

At this meeting we will be holding a vote for Council Chair. For more information about the Chair position, please see our About page.

We wish you very happy holidays and we’ll see you in the new year!

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