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Lakeview’s Winter Walk Day – February 10

Walk to school with us on Lakeview’s 2nd Winter Walk Day! As part of Lakeview’s Active Transportation initiative, we are asking students and families to walk to school on the morning of February 10! Walk all or even part of the way. Walkers will be greeted at school by Phiz, the Beaver, Ottawa Public Health’s mascot and receive fun give-aways. For our parents and caregivers, Council will be offering free Equator Organic coffee to warm you up! Help support physical activity, reduce carbon dioxide emissions and reduce traffic around our school by Walking to School!

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Queen’s Park Seeks Input on Lower Speed Limits Across Ontario

Ontario’s Transportation Minister has announced consultation on several options for changes to Ontario’s default speed for built-up areas, including a reduction of the default speed limit from 50km/h to 40km/h.

Local and international research continues to affirm that the safety of all road users is improved when vehicle speed is reduced below 50km/h. The World Health Organization summarizes the relationship between speed and road safety, emphasizing the relationship between the speed of an impact, and the fatality risk for a pedestrian struck by a car. More recently, the Chief Coroner for Ontario in its Pedestrian Death Review, recommended that speed limits be reduced to 30km/h in residential neighbourhoods, and to 40km/h on other streets. Toronto Public Health’s Road to Health: Improving Walking and Cycling in Toronto acknowledges the success other cities have found in reducing vehicle speeds, as a way to make active transportation safer throughout Toronto.

The Province will consult with municipalities on the proposal this spring. To provide your input, complete the Ministry of Transportation’s online survey by February 27, 2015.

Jennifer McGowan
School Travel Advisor
Smart Commute, Planning & Policy

Winter Walk Day a Success!

The School Travel Planning Committee would like to thank everyone that took part in Lakeview’s 1st Winter Walk Day held last week Tuesday! It was a beautiful morning to walk to school and students and parents were greeted with special treats – hot chocolate, stickers and bracelets, as well as Fire and Police personnel who were monitoring traffic and safety for our walkers. And, Phiz the Beaver, Ottawa Public Health’s mascot led students around the school yard in a parade! We hope everyone had fun and will try to continue to use more active transportation to get to/from school. To learn more about this initiative, visit the Safe Routes to School website.

Lakeview’s School Travel Planning (STP) Project

On Nov. 13, Council & school administration took part in a ‘walkabout’ around our school area with key people from the City of Ottawa, OCDSB, Board Trustee, the Ottawa Student Transportation Authority, Councillor Taylor’s office, and our partner, Green Communities.  The walkabout targeted the hot spots/issues that may create unsafe conditions around the school for students who walk/bike/are driven or bus to school.  We were very happy to see strong engagement and interest in addressing many of these issues that parents helped identify when completing the STP survey in September.  Some actions have already occurred, e.g., our new crossing guard, and, new neon ‘school zone’ crossing signs on Corkstown in both directions.  We will post the STP ‘action plan’ developed for Lakeview on our website in the coming weeks.  Please take a look and provide any feedback. 

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