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Cast your vote for Pie-The-Teacher at Mayfair, May 14th. $1.00 for 4 votes gives you a chance to throw the pie. Come to the raffle table at the front entrance.The ever-popular Pie-the-Teacher event will be happening again at this year’s Mayfair on Saturday, May 14th. Vote for the teacher (or principal) who gets a pie in the face and maybe YOU will throw the pie! $1.00 for 4 votes. Vote during Mayfair at the Raffle Table at the front entrance of the school.

Your choices include:

  • Mme Shields (Lakeview Principal)
  • Ms. Filler (ETFI Teacher)
  • Mme Kavita (Gr. 4 Teacher)
  • Mme Jane (SK Teacher)
  • Mme Chantal (Gr. 2 Teacher)

Check out the Mayfair schedule for more fun events and activities.

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